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Using Steel Straps Diagonally Instead of Orbital Welded between Steel Tubes

Using Steel Straps Diagonally Instead of orbital welded between Steel tubes Determine Diagonal Direction and Angle: In the design process, first determine the direction and angle of the steel strap diagonal. The angle of the diagonal is usually determined based on the pressure, temperature, and layo

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Welded Coiled Tubing: A Versatile Solution for Various Industries

Welded Coiled Tubing: A Versatile Solution for Various IndustriesWelded coiled tubing is a vital component in numerous industries, offering a wide range of applications and benefits. This article will delve into the definition, manufacturing process, and applications of welded coiled tubing, highlig

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316L Hydraulic Control Line Product Introduction

1/4" hydraulic control line: Specification: 1/4"X0.035 "& 1/4X0.049" (1-10000M) Material: 316L Pressure: 100MPaThis product is mainly used for the control of oil and gas underground safety valve and over cable packer vent valve. The 1/4" hydraulic control line is connected to the underground safety

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